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Privacy Policy

We at My Sampatti connect people to houses who make them homes with their priceless presence. We provide you access to the real estate market with the best services that enables you to get the right site to suit your demands. My Sampatti.com strictly forms its basis on Indian laws and works in accordance.

You adhere to our Privacy Policy if you use our services, so cautiously read our privacy policy and all terms before using our services. Make sure you don't have any feeling of restriction and doubt regarding our Privacy Policy as by using services from My Sampatti.com, you agree to every single word that follows.

We have solid reasons for collecting your information

My Sampatti.com provides you with information about real estate. We use the information for creating a healthy and active relationship with our clients. Your information helps us find the most appropriate sites as per your priorities suggested by it. Our only aim in getting the information is to build a productive relationship, and help you easily mortgage, sell, rent, buy, and search a residential real estate. Our intention is only to update you with every single change that comes in the real estate market via the internet.

This Privacy Policy is only intended to maintain the transparency of our work in providing your dream house and doesn't aim at offending any person or company.

To whomsoever, it may concern

My Sampatti is a large online platform which provides you with your dream house through a network of Real Estate Professionals who have created free or paid accounts on our site to help us in selecting and advertising the property. Some trusted landlords, agents, developers, property consultants, and mortgage professionals comprise our network which only makes your real estate experience blissful.

Transparency in Collection and usage of your Information

We collect your information either from a straight query with you or by using technology through persistent cookies, web beacons and log data which enables us to find out the preferences of our clients through search data, and interests through how they interact with the ads.

Your information is automatically collected by our site when you use our services, and this log data of yours contains information like your IP address, operating system, browser type, pages visited, search and cookie information, etc. which may be an outcome of your interaction with our services, blogs, email notification, and queries.

We use this information to make your search convenient by providing you only with the relevant information that your information reflects.

We may also use your information for official purposes in proving ourselves before the Indian judiciary and for advertising purposes.

We require your credit card information and billing addresses for verification through some calls to check the authenticity of the information provided to us.

We only share your information with the third parties who are our confidants. Make sure that you don't disclose your personal information on blogs and other sites while using our services as in that case it is globally visible, and we do not take any responsibility in such cases.

Any changes in the Privacy Policy will be notified to you before they come into play. Make sure you are comfortable with all the above-listed terms and get ready for a stress-free real estate marketing experience with My Sampatti.